Bridgemate Voting


View Results Function on Bridgemates

It is now up to the members to vote on whether to keep the function turned off or turn it back on. This vote is private. Your name will be ticked off a master sheet and you will be given a sheet to mark either:

YES – please keep the view results function off or NO – please turn the function back on.

Site Go-Live


We’re live!!

Welcome to Fremantle Bridge Club’s new web site.

Have a look around, make yourself at home.

Over the coming weeks we’ll be adding new content and functionality - be sure to check it out...


Players on Standby

 A list is to be compiled of members living nearby, willing to be on call to complete a table at the last minute. When required, the director of the day will contact a standby player. The standby player would not pay for their game.
All players are asked to ensure they arrive at least 10 minutes prior to commencement, to facilitate the standby partner’s ability to be contacted and to present themselves at the club, ready to take part in the bridge session.

Melbourne Cup Luncheon

At midday on Tuesday 7th November, our nation stops for a horse race, 

When it does, make sure you're at the Fremantle Bridge Club, in your best Melbourne Cup gear (or not), to watch it live on the big screen. 

We're offering drinks, lunch and bridge for the all-inclusive price of $25.  There will also be a sweep or two for those who like a little flutter.