Supervised Sessions

Supervised sessions are back and running every Saturday morning at the Club rooms. Join John (and Geraldine) each Saturday morning at 9.30am if you want to continue on from where your lessons ended or just brush up on your bidding and play.

All welcome. Let your friends, relatives or neighbours know they are on in case they want to brush up as well.

This is a great way to transition from Lessons to perhaps coming to the gentle mid week session on Wednesdays.

Bridge for Brains

All proceeds (including table money) from the session to be held this Saturday May 5th, 2018 will go to NeuRA Bridge for Brains - an event supporting Alzheimer’s research.

A raffle will be held during the session (any prizes donated are gratefully received) and all funds raised from the raffle will go to NeuRA.

See you there!



Anzac Day Pairs 2018 Winners

Congratulations to Joyce Sullivan and June McCormack who won the ANZAC DAY Pairs on Saturday April 28th, 2018.

Jenny Grummet and Sharon Scott came in second place with just .9 of a percent behind the winners.

Well done to all who participated and thanks to the wonderful people who supplied the WINNING afternoon tea. 


Baby Photo Competition

The winners of the 2018 Guess The Baby Photo Competition were Judy Toey and Maureen Willoughby who both correctly identified 5 of the 16 babies.

Names have been added to the photos in the Club rooms for members to enjoy.

Thanks to those who entered.


Easter Bonnet Parade

Thanks to all the creative Bridge players who entered this year's competition - a truly Eggsellent selection.

The Comedic section was closely divided between Maureen Bellett, Judy Toey and Sue Simper with Sue's clever creation winning the Egg!!

The Classic Bonnet had three main contenders; Jean Dance, Pat Wells and Susan Tham but according to the "clap-o-meter" Pat Wells came out the clear winner.

Hopping you all enter next year!!


If you haven’t played in a team event, consider participating in the GNOT heat on Sunday 15th April. Playing in a team event is a different experience and a lot of fun.

The GNOT is a National GOLD Point teams’ event, conducted by the Australian Bridge Federation, with heats held in all States. Each State organisation is responsible for qualifying a number of teams to the National Finals in November.